afroknife is…..






  • Former bank robber turned singer/songwriter
  • Plays a Schecter Guitar named Assata and  a JBass with EMP pickups




Jacki Oh


  • Artist and former pornographer
  • Plays a Ludwig Evolution Element Kit  with Remo heads and an Alesis Strike Multi-Pad

vol. 2

the mother of all phuckers

Los Angeles, CA, USA . Formed 2020 . Alternative/Art . Punk/Hardcore/RapRock .

Los Angeles post-punk duo afroknife formed in 2020, bubbling up out of the pandemic through the LA music and arts scenes. Delivering burly but intelligent music that played heavily on dynamics and physical impact, the group’s wild card, former bank robber turned vocalist and lyricist Nat80Turner, who spits free-associative semi-beat rap lyrics over the relentless churning of his guitar and drummer Jacki Oh’s percussive attacks. After making an impression on the LA music scene with their 2020 debut EP, Phoenix 1942, word about afroknife spread further when they started their own label, Scherzo Records in 2021, receiving enthusiastic press coverage in North America and Europe. Following the release of the Phoenix 1942 EP afroknife built an in-home studio and began work recording their first full length album, tentatively titled 80310-008 after Nat80Turner’s prison inmate identification number.




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