Afroknife is…..




  • Former bank robber turned frontman/singer songwriter
  • Plays the JBass with EMP pickups and Schecter Guitar named Assata




Jacki Oh


  • Artist and pornographer
  • Plays a Ludwig Evolution Element Kit and an Alesis Strike Multi-Pad

vol. 1 the mother of all phuckers

Born into a turbulent household, that saw Nat80Turner become homeless at the age of 15 & forced to fend for himself on the streets, he got sucked into juvenile prison and then into the adult system. Doing a dime in Florence Colorado for bank robbery. 


After rapping and performing while incarcerated, Turner was encouraged by his fellow inmates to get into music seriously and after his release he was determined to become a musician. He moved into an arts commune in downtown Phoenix where he met his future wife/bandmate Jacki Oh, and started up his first band, Alibi Jones & The Sex Bums. That band eventually fizzled out after playing a handful of shows.  Turner & Oh went on to start the Garfield neighborhood art gallery and venue Space Taco in 2017 holding art shows and afterhours salons as well as filming movies, operating a wood shop, community gardens, and creating the non-profit org Advocates for Youth Empowerment.  During this time Turner performed  music at venues like the Phoenix Center for the Arts and Arizona State University’s Gammage Auditorium and started his second band, Mommy Duzenz with guitarist Dano Detroit. 


After Mommy Duzenz dissolved in 2019, Nat80Turner sequestered himself away in the mountains of the Sonoran desert for two years, teaching himself bass, guitar and studio engineering & recording. His partner, Jacki Oh taught herself drums during this time as well and they emerged from seclusion in 2020 as Afroknife.